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Film at Eden Park

New Zealand’s national stadium has played witness to moments that you would think were only part of movies.

Bring your next film or photography project to life at Eden Park.


  • Unique locations – Eden Park has dynamic and varied environments suitable to a broad range of productions.
  • Free WiFi – All cast and crew are welcome to log-on to our Wi-Fi free of charge.
  • Central location – Eden Park’s proximity to the city centre and thriving local community of Kingsland means there are various bus and train transport options available.
  • End-to-end event coordination – Our dedicated and experienced team is ready to work with you throughout your shoot. We understand the fluid nature of film shoots and will provide an excellent experience for all crew, scouts, talent and others involved in the film shoot.
  • Extensive precinct – To suit and house your unit base.

Filmed at Eden Park

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