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How will I know if the game is cancelled?

Where can I park my bicycle?

Can I bring my own food to a game?

Who can I contact to try and find my lost property?

Can I come have a look inside Eden Park when there’s no game on?

I’m on crutches/in a moon boot and don’t have a mobility parking permit. Is there anywhere I can park on game day that’s closer to the stadium?

Where are my seats located?

Is there a dress code for the corporate areas?

Can I attend the captain’s run?

Where can I get dropped off/picked up?

What parking restrictions/road closures apply on game days?

Do you offer tours of Eden Park?

What’s the best way to get to Eden Park?

What can’t I bring into Eden Park?

Does Eden Park have an ATM?

Is there lift access within Eden Park?

Will I be able to have my stroller/pram for my baby close to me while I watch the game?

Can I bring an umbrella inside the stadium?

What are the turf specs?

What food is available at Eden Park?

Can I park at Eden Park for a game?

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