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Volunteering at Eden Park

Our volunteers play a crucial role in the delivery of all our events, and we are currently seeking new volunteers and new team members.

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Eden Park, New Zealand’s national stadium is where passion meets sportsmanship and excitement fills the air!

As a hub of exhilarating events and thrilling contests, Eden Park is not only a venue for world-class sports, concerts and events but also a place where the spirit of our community thrives. An integral part of delivering an exceptional fan experience is our team of dedicated spectator services volunteers – these are the people who ensure every individual who steps into our iconic venue feels welcomed, informed, and well-cared for.

Volunteers are provided with a meal voucher each shift, and sign off at kick-off/show start or at the start of the second half at larger events (i.e. All Blacks). They then can watch the match once they have signed out and returned their uniform.

From major sporting events to cultural festivals, our volunteers contribute their time and energy to enhance the overall spectator experience. Whether you are a lover of sports, concerts, community events, or simply someone who enjoys connecting with people, there’s a volunteer role for you at Eden Park. From wayfinding to providing information and assistance, we have a diverse range of volunteer spectator services roles offer not just a chance to be close to the action but also an opportunity to contribute to the magic that makes every event at our venue truly special.

Here are our roles:


A Spectator Services Host interacts and engages with event attendees, which could include:

  • welcoming patrons as they arrive,
  • directing patrons to their seats,
  • answering general queries around toilets, food, and beverage,
  • assisting security with managing queues,
  • handing out flags/flyers.

As a host, you will be fully briefed at the start of each event and will be supported by a Team Leader who can help you on the day. Hosts need to stay in their allocated area.

Team Leader

Our Spectator Services Team Leaders are responsible for managing the hosts in each particular area. This role includes showing the hosts to their positions, providing them with the resources they require and briefing them with gate/concourse specific and event information.

Importantly, our Team Leaders are responsible for the well-being of the hosts at their location and are required to work with the both the security supervisor and the ticketing queue manager in their location to ensure any queries are managed efficiently and effectively.


Spruikers are located at each of our main entry gates – they’re the people who sit on the elevated chair, a little like a tennis umpire chair, and help event attendees with key information about the venue and the event, before the come into the gate. If you are a dynamic and outgoing person and are keen to engage and energise our event attendees, then this volunteer role might interest you.

Spruiker Host

A slightly different role, our spruiker hosts remain on the ground to:

  • Keep the spruiker safe from any hazards
  • contact the Team Leader (via RT) if any issues arise or there are any queries from event attendees
  • provide updates to the spruiker on key information to be conveyed to event attendees.

Gate Staff – Ticket Scanning & Turnstile Usher   

As a gate staff usher, you would be responsible for greeting our event attendees and ensuring they enter and exit the venue safely. The roles include:

  • Ticket scanners are based at each of our entry gates to assist event attendees to scan their tickets and ensure all tickets are valid for the event.
  • Turnstile ushers are located behind each of the gate turnstiles to help inform event attendees on the best way to scan their ticket and correctly move through the turnstile

Sensory Room and Accessibility Ambassadors

Our accessibility ambassadors are responsible for assisting and creating a comfortable environment for people with accessibility or disability needs.

Eden Park has a Sensory Room which is for event attendees who need a respite space to alleviate overwhelm due to a number of factors at events (noise, crowd etc.). The role of the Sensory Room Ambassador is to liaise with all team members on identifying anyone that requires the Sensory Room and assist them or their caregivers in using this space.


A Spectator Services Supervisor oversees all our hosts and spruikers throughout the duration of an event. In addition to this, the supervisor supports and works with all our Team Leaders to ensure all requirements are met.

 Spectator Services Comms Manager

The comms manager is essentially responsible for the overall management of the Spectator Service’s team throughout the duration of their shift. The comms manager is located in our Venue Operations Centre (VOC) for the duration of the event and works closely with the Eden Park operations team.