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The World Watched, The Atmosphere Was Electric, and Eden Park, New Zealand’s National Stadium Delivered

Aug 16, 2023

Tonight, Eden Park – New Zealand’s national stadium is celebrating the final New Zealand game of the FIFA Women’s World Cup – in what has been labelled as one of the most successful tournaments ever held at the stadium.

Nick Sautner, Eden Park CEO “Over 350,000 fans from across the world have packed the stadium, and globally, millions have tuned in to watch their teams compete in the 9 matches played at Eden Park.

“This tournament has showcased the power of sport in breaking barriers and promoting gender equality. It leaves an unforgettable legacy and has shown the world what is possible in our great country.

“We would like to congratulate all the teams who have played at Eden Park and other venues over the last 27 days and wish Spain the best of luck as they head to Australia to compete in the final. Every match has provided a platform for celebrating and empowering female athletes, inspiring young talents to dream big and aspire to achieve greatness in football,” said Mr Sautner.

Fan attendance throughout the tournament has surpassed all previous records for a football crowd – men’s and women’s, in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Mr Sautner adds “To witness so many passionate fans coming together to support their teams and watch the world’s best female footballers battle it out on the iconic turf, has been phenomenal.

“The tournament has delivered significant social and economic benefits to our community, city, and country – the boost to our tourism, local businesses job creation, improvements to our facilities, and the media exposure has all highlighted the valuable role major events have in our society,”

“Over the past two years, Eden Park has hosted three world cups, the only stadium in the world to have achieved this. As we reflect on the past few weeks, the FIFA Women’s World Cup has reinforced Eden Park’s position as a community asset for Auckland and a strategic asset for New Zealand, delivering a diverse range of sports and entertainment contents,” said Mr Sautner.

A snapshot of the FIFA Women’s World Cup at Eden Park:

  • Unforgettable Matches: Over the course of 27 days, Eden Park hosted 9 matches including a quarter-final and semi-final, showcasing the talents of 14 diverse teams.
  • Global Fan Gathering: More than 350,000 avid football fans came through the Eden Park gates, including over 63,000 international supporters. The vibrant energy brought by fans from around the world added an unparalleled dimension to the atmosphere.
  • Record-Breaking Crowds: Eden Park set new benchmarks for attendance, with an incredible 5 matches witnessing larger crowds than ever before seen at men’s or women’s football matches in Aotearoa New Zealand or any other women’s sports match.
  • Culinary Delights: The love for the game was matched by the love for delectable treats. Over 6,610 homemade pies, a staggering 6,225 kilograms of hot chips, and more than 23,363 classic New Zealand hotdogs were devoured by fans, further enhancing the tournament’s spirit.
  • Turf Perfection: The playing surface was immaculately cared for by 8 members of our dedicated turf team. Their efforts ensured that the grass stood at an exact height of 2.5 centimetres, adhering to the requirements of 2 FIFA-specified mowing directions. The turf was meticulously maintained, with more than 25,000 steps taken per mow and a special double cut on game days.

“What we’ve witnessed at Eden Park and around New Zealand and Australia is an unforgettable chapter in our history. The memories created here will be remembered for a lifetime,” said Mr Sautner.