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The Word on the Street – Eden Park announces new traffic management partner, iTraffic

Mar 4, 2022

The streets surrounding Eden Park are set to be managed by a new traffic management partner, Independent Traffic Control (iTraffic).

The parties have signed a multi-year deal that will see iTraffic implement and execute a comprehensive traffic management plan to co-ordinate vehicles and help keep motorists, pedestrians, workers and event attendees safe while events are on at Eden Park.

“When you think about Eden Park, you think about being the best. For us we are the best in the industry, and we are proud to align ourselves with Eden Park” Piri Kake – Director, iTraffic

“For Eden Park, having an efficient traffic management plan in place is crucial for every major event,” says Eden Park Chief Executive Officer, Nick Sautner. “To ensure our fans and residents get the best experience, having adequate measures in place like road closures, detours, and footpath closures, is key. The traffic management plan is an important building block of our event and venue operations.”

“iTraffic’s, trusted standing and longevity in the industry was a key factor in the appointment. iTraffic was formed in 2003, is 100% NZ Maori and Pacific owned, and has forged a strong reputation for excellence when it comes to delivering road traffic control measures – something which is critical for delivering events safely and effectively.

“We are looking forward to partnering with iTraffic to bring Eden Park’s traffic management plan to life. We’re confident that they have the right skills and equipment to make the Eden Park streets as safe as possible,” said Mr Sautner.