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“Livefeed” – real time audio commentary live at Eden Park

May 9, 2024

Super Rugby fans who want to experience the atmosphere of being at the game but also want real-time commentary, can now tune in to Livefeed on their phones while they’re at the stadium.

Livefeed, a revolutionary audio streaming service designed by broadcast audio engineer, Ben Bull, bridges the gap between the game-day experience and the unique perspectives that are usually only available by watching the traditional broadcasts on TV.

Eden Park CEO Nick Sautner said, “We’re constantly looking for innovative ways to enhance the fan experience at Eden Park and we’re delighted the Livefeed technology will be available for Blues games.

“Livefeed enables Super Rugby fans to be at the stadium to watch the game with their friends and family and enjoy the atmosphere, but also listen to real-time audio commentary, analysis, and referee explanations of the on-field action.

“For many sports fans, Livefeed at Eden Park will deliver the best of both worlds when they’re here watching the Blues play as it combines the excitement of watching live sports with the informative depth of broadcast and referee commentary,” said Mr Sautner.

Livefeed uses purpose-built technology to achieve an end-to-end latency of around 80 milliseconds, overcoming the challenge of high latency that is associated with traditional streaming services, where the time delay between when an event occurs and when it is streamed can often exceed 30 seconds.

Attendees at upcoming Blues games at Eden Park can access this service once they’re inside the stadium – all they need is their own smartphone and headphones.  Livefeed for Blues games is available at