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Legendary artist to exhibit at Eden Park

Jul 19, 2022

In September (8-11), the works of internationally-renowned New Zealand artist Tim Wilson will be exhibited at Eden Park during this year’s Art in the Park show.

Tim Wilson (1954-2020) is one of the world’s most extraordinary landscape artists. With a global reach, Tim’s work has been sought after by sheikhs, best-selling music artists, and Kennedys – but now he’s coming to the country’s most famous stadium.

For the first time since 2017, Tim’s work will be leaving his Queenstown gallery and coming to Auckland. Visitors to Art in the Park will have the chance to experience Tim’s landscapes and see how he represented Aotearoa’s art and natural beauty at the highest level.

Art in the Park Director Sofija Matich says, “If New Zealand could paint itself, it would paint like Tim Wilson. This is an opportunity for Kiwis to see a once-in-a-lifetime global talent represent their country’s extraordinary landscapes with the inimitable skill of an old master.”

Tim pioneered a technique, based on the old masters, that used 30-40 layers of pigments to control the way light interacted with his paintings. The result is an astonishing three-dimensional masterclass that is alive with the light and life of the natural world. This could only be achieved by an artist who dedicated themselves to their craft and to their love of New Zealand – which is exactly what Tim spent his life
doing. In short, Tim Wilson’s art is a living experience that demands to be seen by all lovers of Aotearoa.

Tim’s husband Vaj Ekanayake says, “I have been so moved by Tim’s landscapes for nearly two decades, seeing such beauty, depth, life, and love in his soulful art. Tim’s work changed my life – he helped me see the world in a different light. My wish is for many others to experience what I have experienced throughout his creative journey.”

Astonishingly, Tim painted his landscapes purely from memory, conveying a magical realism where the land was true to its impression at the deepest spiritual level, allowing the viewer to experience it with him. This talent has not gone unnoticed – Tim set record prices for living New Zealand artists ($575,000 in 2016) and was soon representing New Zealand art on the global stage. Tim met Bill Clinton and sold his
work to Shania Twain and Sheikh Abdullah Bin Zayed Al Nahyan. He was the only non-American artist handpicked by Bobby Kennedy Jr to paint the Hudson River, a work that was then displayed alongside American greats Jeff Koons and Chuck Close.

Eden Park CEO Nick Sautner says, “Tim Wilson is a world-class artist deserving of a world-class stage. It is an honour to be exhibiting his iconic work at our national stadium.”

Tim was also a generous teacher, influencing countless artists from all over New Zealand, some of whom will be featuring alongside his work at Art in the Park. Artist Wayne Vickers, who is exhibiting at the show, says, “For those people who were fortunate enough to experience Tim’s generosity he has left a legacy. And a little of this legacy lives on in the painting of those people he shared his knowledge with.”
While it took Tim 6 to 18 months to create one of his masterpieces, his legacy will live on for far longer, and his impact on New Zealand art cannot be understated. Art in the Park visitors can see his legendary art at this year’s show, alongside a generation of artists that he inspired.

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