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Eden Park renews partnership with Qatar Airways

May 19, 2023

Eden Park is delighted to announce the renewal of its strategic partnership with 2022 Airline of the Year, Qatar Airways, in a collaborative effort to enhance the fan experience in New Zealand and beyond.

Qatar Airways has been part of the stadium’s Icon Partner family since 2019 when it first launched its direct daily services from Auckland using the A350-1000 aircraft.

Eden Park CEO, Nick Sautner, says “Qatar Airways is a world-leading airline, and this renewed partnership not only solidifies our exceptional shared service standards but also opens up exciting avenues for growth, innovation, and the delivery of a diverse range of content.

“Qatar Airways’ long-term support and commitment to delivering exceptional experiences for fans and travellers has been instrumental to our success. Through this collaboration, Eden Park and Qatar aim to create unforgettable moments and foster long-lasting connections with our respective audiences,” said Mr Sautner.

The renewed partnership will include branding and member offers, as well as cultural, charitable, and philanthropic initiatives which will reinforce the airline’s commitment to the New Zealand community. It will allow Qatar Airways to engage directly with Kiwi fans and elevate both brands on the global stage, especially with sporting fans in New Zealand and beyond.

Qatar Airways, Regional Manager for Australia and New Zealand, Justin Kestel, says, “We are honoured and proud to be part of Eden Park’s family of Icon Partners. This partnership is a fitting match for Qatar Airways which celebrates sporting passion and fellowship. It is set to elevate both our brands on the global stage, especially with sporting fans in New Zealand and beyond.”

Mr Sautner adds: “Qatar Airways’ commitment to excellence aligns perfectly with our mission to deliver exceptional experiences for everyone who visits Eden Park. Together, we will continue to push boundaries, enhance fan engagement, and create unforgettable sports and entertainment moments that will be cherished for years to come.”