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Eden Park launches exclusive stadium scent collection

Dec 11, 2023

Today, internationally renowned stadium, Eden Park has launched two unique new exclusive fragrances as part of the Stadium Collection, which has been inspired by the world-class sporting, entertainment, cultural and community events hosted by New Zealand’s national stadium.

Eden Park CEO Nick Sautner said: “These bespoke limited-release eau de parfums, Number One and The Garden of Eden, have been personally curated by our team. They will take the wearer on a sensory journey back to their own memory of Eden Park – our hallowed turf, a stadium filled with cheering fans and the global sporting teams and players who’ve made history at Eden Park.

“The Stadium Collection, a partnership between Miller Road Studio, a local small business champion and a global icon, sets a benchmark on and off the field. We’re already looking at expanding the Collection to add more fragrances. A number of international athletes have their own Eau de parfums, including David Beckham and Dan Carter, plus there are other sporting heroes such as Ruby Tui, Hannah Wilkinson and Kieran Reid, who have all made history on our hallowed turf.

“For over 120 years, Eden Park has been synonymous with delivering world-class live events, putting New Zealand on the global sports and entertainment map. The Stadium Collection is a celebration of the venue’s rich history, its commitment to excellence and innovation and creating unique experiences for everyone who walks through our gates,” Mr Sautner says.

Number One, the first fragrance in the collection, is a bold and dynamic scent that reflects the triumphs and victories witnessed at Eden Park over the years. The Garden of Eden scent is a harmonious blend that encapsulates the lush greenery and vibrant atmosphere of our hallowed turf.

Currently, Number One and The Garden of Eden by Eden Park retail for $170 and are available to purchase exclusively from the Eden Park shop.