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Eden Park 2.0

Introducing Eden Park 2.0 – the future of our national stadium

Eden Park 2.0 delivers a world-class, multi-purpose, hybrid stadium. It’s a venue where New Zealand can continue to make its mark on the world, a hub for sporting excellence, a state-of-the-art entertainment centre and a destination for fans from across the world.

Eden Park 2.0 is a venue that not only showcases the best sporting, entertainment, cultural and community events but also promotes sustainability and innovation.

Based on the core elements of modernisation, sustainability, connectivity and accessibility, Eden Park 2.0 will transform our globally iconic stadium and future-proof The Fortress for generations to come.

With a new North Stand, upgrades to the East and West stands, enhanced entry promenades, a new pedestrian bridge over Sandringham Road, an all-weather retractable roof which guarantees play and broadcast in any weather conditions, multiple fields of play options to accommodate rectangle and oval play formats and cater for different crowd capacities, new function and entertainment spaces, enhanced connectivity, and world-leading innovation, we can ensure Eden Park remains at the forefront of sporting and entertainment venues.

Eden Park will be part of our future, because it’s always been our home.