An update on COVID-19

In February 2019 the Albert-Eden Local Board agreed on how it would support Eden Park moving forward. We were pleased to read this and thank the team for their support.

If you’d like to read the minutes from last week’s Board meeting of Wednesday 27 February you can read more here.

The relevant sections can be found on page 16 and 17 and outline the below:

That the Albert-Eden Local Board:

a) confirm its support for Eden Park continuing to operate over the next ten years.
b) call on the Governing Body to confirm that it will not allow Eden Park to cease operating.
c) request the Governing Body to respond positively to requests for funding required to keep Eden Park operating, but do so responsibly by carefully considering accountability, control and sustainability and balanced against the financial investment needed for publicly owned local assets.
d) support Eden Park in the process of becoming independently financially sustainable through the limited and reasonable use of Eden Park for public non-sporting events.