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Become a Member

We have a range of Eden Park memberships to suit different budgets and requirements. Detailed below are the benefits associated with each membership.

2014 Confirmed Fixtures

Eden Park Ground Membership

This is our entry level membership which includes all scheduled rugby and some short form international cricket games. You also have the option to purchase tickets to additional events at the stadium.

Club Membership

Elite rugby and cricket focused membership with premiere lounge access and seats.

Balcony Bar Membership 

Elite membership with access to all scheduled sporting events e.g. cricket, rugby, rugby league and football. Includes lounge access.

Corporate Reserve  

Premiere corporate blocks of seats (12) with own fridge, steward service and lounge access.

Corporate Suites

The ultimate experience for twenty guests. Includes all scheduled sporting events.

For further information please contact Lian Tetley on 09 815 4815 or