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The Park and its community

Community Benefits

Eden Park is an economic stimulator

As an internationally recognised stadium, Eden Park increasingly competes with other stadia in New Zealand, as well as Australia, for major events.

The events we host have considerable economic benefits for our community. Each year, events held at Eden Park contribute a significant $25m to Auckland's regional GDP.

The 2005 Lions Tour is a recent example of the positive impact major sporting events can have for both our city and country. The Tour contributed an additional $132m to New Zealand's GDP - $43m of this in Auckland alone.

Eden Park was the finals venue for Rugby World Cup 2011. It was expected that through hosting several pool matches, semi-finals, Bronze final and the Final, the region would gain an additional $240m in GDP.

Eden Park is a major employer

On match days, the Park becomes a major employer. Depending on anticipated crowd size, the Park employs up to 250 security staff, and from 300 to 1300 catering staff.

To learn more about Eden Park's management team, visit our Governance section.


Eden Park values its community relationships

We value the relationships we have with our neighbours and the wider community, and are committed to working closely with them to incorporate their feedback into the Park's operations wherever possible.

We work hard to be an active, valuable member of our community, and a good neighbour. On match days, we operate a hotline service (09) 815 4820 that offers immediate responses should Park activities impact on the neighbourhood.

We also have an email service for neighbours to share their thoughts about the operations of the Park,, and we employ a Community Liaison Officer to act as a conduit between the Park and our neighbours. To contact the Community Liaison Officer, email or call (09) 815 5551.

We work closely with a number of community groups to ensure that the Park's actions and operations are in harmony with its environs.

We have relationships with:

Auckland Council - Eden Park is located within Auckland Council's jurisdiction. The Council currently has a concept plan in place for Eden Park, which sets out a framework for the activities and developments that are allowed to take place on the site. The Council also manages all regulatory activity at the Park including resource and building consent applications. The Trust Board and Auckland City work together to plan traffic management for events held at the Park.

Eden Albert Community Board - The Community Board's principal role is to represent the community within its boundaries in relation to all matters which are of community interest. As Eden Park has a significant influence on its community, there is meaningful and ongoing dialogue with the Community Board on ways in which the Community Board and the Park can work together.

Eden Park Neighbours' Association (EPNA), Eden Park Residents' Association (EPRA) – The principal role of these two groups is to represent the Park's immediate neighbours in issues involving the Park. There is significant and ongoing dialogue between the Park and both associations to ensure that the voice of the neighbourhood is heard.

Community Liaison Group (CLG) - The CLG monitors the management of night time events at Eden Park and provides a forum for discussion on any issues that may arise. Its membership includes Auckland City, the Eden Albert Community Board, EPNA, NZ Police, Eden Valley Mainstreet, Kingsland Business Association and Kowhai School as well as representatives from the Eden Park Trust Board.

Eden Park Advisory Group - the purpose of the Eden Park Advisory Group is to provide a forum for communication between Auckland City officers, the Eden Albert Community Board, the Eden Park Trust Board and key stakeholders adjacent to Eden Park over ongoing development of Eden Park and it's integration with the surrounding area.

Eden Park's Communications

As part of our event planning for game days, we advertise travel information in the New Zealand Herald, local community newspapers and on Radio Network's Timesaver Traffic. These advertisements explain how to get to the Park on game days and outline the traffic restrictions in place. More information on our Variable Traffic Management plan can be found under Accessing Eden Park under the Events/Match Day section.


The Trust's long-term vision for Eden Park is to develop a world-class stadium that provides a legacy to both our neighbours and our patrons.