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Today, The Eden Park Trust is a statutory, not-for-profit body corporate and is registered with the Charities Commission. The Trustees’ primary duty is to hold Eden Park upon trust so that it may be managed for trust purposes as set out in the Trust Act and the Amendment Act 2009. On 21 September 2009, following the passing of the Amendment Act, a new Trust Board of nine principals was constituted. The Minister of Sport was responsible for the appointment of five of its members. Two were appointed from the previous Trust Board and one each from Auckland Cricket and Auckland Rugby. Following their three year appointments, the two previous Trust Board members will retire, to be succeeded by an additional appointment from Auckland Cricket and Auckland Rugby.

The objects of the Eden Park Trust are to promote, operate and develop Eden Park as a high quality, multi-purpose stadium for the use and benefit of rugby and cricket, as well as other sporting codes and recreational, musical and cultural events for the benefit of the public of the region. Further, the Trust Board shall administer Eden Park and the Trust Assets on a prudent commercial basis, so that Eden Park is a successful, financially autonomous community asset. In promoting, operating and developing Eden Park, the trustees, in fulfilling their respective duties as prescribed by the Act, will need to give due regard to the needs and contributions by and the historical interests of the Auckland Cricket Association, the Auckland Rugby Football Union and the contributions made by the Crown for the redevelopment of the Stadium.

The Minister’s appointments to the Trust Board are John Waller (Chairman), Michelle Boag, Morris Pita and Derek Dallow. Auckland Cricket's appointments are Rex Smith and Paul Lucas and Auckland Rugby’s appointments are Grant Carruthers and Ken Baguley.

Redevelopment of Eden Park for RWC 2011

With the signing of the Heads of Agreement in 2007 between the Trust Board and the Crown for the redevelopment of the stadium, a separate body, aptly named the Redevelopment Board, was established. Its aim was to oversee the funding and to manage the overall development of Eden Park for RWC 2011. Following the issue of a practical completion certificate for the improvements to the Stadium, the Redevelopment Board completed its responsibilities and its activities were wound up.