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Cricket History

Between 1900-10 Auckland’s Kingsland Cricket Club rented land close to what is now Sandringham Road. Not long afterward, Eden Cricket Club purchased circa 15 acres in that area and went on to build what we now know as Eden Park.

Eden Park Cricket History

1914 First international cricket match Auckland v Australia
1933 New Zealand v MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) international
1954 New Zealand v MCC (Marylebone Cricket Club) international, New Zealand dismissed for 26, the lowest test score in cricket history
1956 New Zealand v West Indies, historic first test series victory for New Zealand
1974 New Zealand v Australia international, first game between these two teams with official test status
1982 New Zealand v Australia, attended by 43,000 a record for a cricket game being played in New Zealand
1992 World Cricket Cup jointly hosted with Australia, Pakistan defeated New Zealand in the Semi-Final at Eden Park
2008 New Zealand v Australia, first Twenty20 International
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 1992 Cricket World Cup, Eden Park